Meet The Staff

The children at St Michael’s had a wonderful time painting our portraits. Take a look and see who you can recognise.


STAFFING September 2016  


Class                            Teacher                                   Teaching Assistant

Nursery                       Miss A Wilkinson                                  Mrs D Visentin

Reception                    Miss M Moore                                     Ms S Kaur

Year 1                          Mrs G Kaur                                         Mrs P Cullen

Year 2                          Miss R Starkey & Mrs A Brereton       Mrs  E Yeo

Year 3                          Mrs M Fergusson                               Mrs L Wright

Year 4                          Mr P Kay                                             Mr T McGinn

Year 5                          Mrs S James                                       Mrs E Jarvis

Year 6                          Mrs J Cattell                                        Mrs E McGinn


Mrs S McHale – Principal

Mrs L Bradley –Vice Principal

Mrs S Bowen – Office Manager

Mrs T West – Academy Administrator

Mr G Timmins – Site Manager

Mr R Rose – Safeguarding Lead